“It’s the strongest tooth in my mouth”

“I had a black hole in my front tooth. I’d lost the back four, but singing as I do in a band, I’m a front man in a four-piece band, I tried to cover the tooth as I sang and it affected my confidence and the way I pronounced words. I had to eat predominantly with my front teeth and so that became a bit of an issue because I was putting more pressure on my front teeth. Since having the implant I think I could take the top off a bottle of coke, because that implant is the strongest tooth in my mouth. I can now eat anything.”

“Money doesn’t come into it!”

“I discussed it with my wife and she said, “money doesn’t come into it, you’ll look stupid with a gap in your tooth." It was going to be the be all and end all to have this tooth done and I could forget about it for the rest of my life. It feels like a part of my skull. Before I had the implant done I always worried about the filling dropping out and not having my back teeth I had to eat on the right-hand side of my mouth all the time to avoid breaking my tooth. It’s worth it for the confidence alone. Now I can pronounce my words properly, I can eat anything, I can smile without worry, my breath is fresher. It’s brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.”

Nothing to fear

“I have been really scared for most of my life of dentists, doctors etc. So, I wasn’t looking forward to the process of having an implant as I didn’t understand what an implant really was. I had a consultation with Dr Jones who explained the procedure fully, took X-rays and everything else. He said he would sedate me and that I wouldn’t feel a thing and he was right and it was really nice to be treated by one of the top people in the country.”

Latest case studies

Becky James

Double Olympic silver medallist

“I’d recommend Nigel to anybody I know. He’s been fantastic over the years for me and he’s really looked after my teeth and I have no problems now so I’d recommend him to anyone.”

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Graham Price

Wales and British & Irish Lions rugby legend

“Having dental implants has transformed my life. It’s just like having real teeth. I can also eat what I like and I don’t get the gum pain I got previously wearing dentures.”

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Robert Westall

Single implant

“Having a dental implant has transformed my confidence and my entire outlook. I now speak and sing more clearly and I feel far happier.”

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