Flexibility to suit elite athlete training

“Nigel’s looked after me since I started babysitting for him and his wife Sarah. He’s looked after my teeth all those years and I’ve had quite a few problems along the way. To have that help at such a high-level and whenever I need it, for me has been important. I travel home at weekends I’m never around Monday to Friday so he usually squeezes me in on a Saturday afternoon or on a Sunday after a roast dinner.”

Dental implant treatment and two world titles

“It’s been a huge help having Nigel so high up in dental implantology. I had a really bad problem with one of my teeth where it needed to be removed and I had an implant done. It was on the run up to the World Championships in 2013 so it was a really important time for me. I was just getting faster and getting some form through so it was huge for me to get that done and have no problems with my teeth because I know how much it can set you back so much coming up to a race and in your training."

Expertise in the complexities of treating sport stars

“It’s really important to know what you’re having done with your teeth, what drugs are being used. Quite often I’ve had to pass my doctor from British Cycling to speak to Nigel so we know what’s being used because there’s many banned substances which can’t be used which obviously is really important to me because I have to have drugs testing to make sure there’s no banned substances in my system."

“I’d recommend him to other sports stars”

“My partner George North (Wales and British and Irish Lions rugby star) has benefitted from Nigel’s expertise but thankfully George has perfect teeth, he’s a very lucky guy. I’d recommend Nigel to anybody I know. He’s been fantastic over the years for me and he’s really looked after my teeth and I have no problems now so I’d recommend him to anyone.

Latest case studies

Nigel Smith

Single implant

“It’s worth it for the confidence alone. Now I can pronounce my words properly, I can eat anything, I can smile without worry, my breath is fresher. It’s brilliant.”

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Graham Price

Wales and British & Irish Lions rugby legend

“Having dental implants has transformed my life. It’s just like having real teeth. I can also eat what I like and I don’t get the gum pain I got previously wearing dentures.”

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Robert Westall

Single implant

“Having a dental implant has transformed my confidence and my entire outlook. I now speak and sing more clearly and I feel far happier.”

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