Learn from one of the UK’s leading dental implant surgeons

Dr Nigel Jones works closely with over 40 referring dentists across South Wales. As well as providing complex and simple treatment for your patients, Dr Jones also holds several CPD events and seminars for referring dentists throughout the year. Dr Jones is passionate about teaching and is able to guide dentists interested in dental implants to improve their skills, as well as offering one-to-one training and a mentoring service.

Enhance your offering by referring patients

All levels of service are available and you can add a new quality service for your patients to choose from without having to worry about the surgical procedures.

We only carry out the work you ask us to do. Once the treatment has been completed, your patients return to you.

As well as benefiting from Dr Jones’ experience and expertise, referring dentists are also able to attend several CPD and training seminars a year.

Level 1 – Assessment only

Usually 30 – 40 minutes where the various treatment options will be explored.


Level 2 – Implant placement only

Restoration carried out by referring dentist


Level 3 – Bone grafting and sinus lifts

Implant placement and restoration carried out by referring dentist.


Level 4 – Full case referral

Patient referred for all assessment, planning, surgical and restorative work.

“Incredibly well-known as a key opinion speaker and advisor in all aspects of dental implantology. Nigel is a forefront implant dentist in Wales.”

Dermot McNulty BDS DipImpDent RCS (Eng) (Advanced certificate)

Referral evenings and CPD training seminars

Dr Nigel Jones, through the placement of thousands of dental implants, has established himself as a leading dental implant professional. His research into pioneering techniques, and lecturing at the Royal College of Surgeons and international conferences, has perfectly placed him to support other dentists through dental implant CPD seminars and special evenings for referring dentists.

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