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Dr Nigel Jones plans, places and restores more than 500 dental implants every year – almost double the national average, with an incredibly high success rate. He works from his state-of-the-art Premium Dental Implants treatment centre in Abergavenny. Dr Jones also operates at some of the 40+ practices that refer dental implant patients to him. A mentor to many of his peers in his role as President of The British Society of Advanced Dentistry (BSAD), Dr Jones also trains dental implantologists in his role as Cohort Director for the FGDP (UK) Implant Diploma at the Royal College of Surgeons, London.

Why dental implants are so
popular with patients?

Dental implants provide the only reliable, permanent solution to tooth loss. They look, feel and function like normal teeth, so have both practical and cosmetic benefits. When one or more teeth are missing, the jawbone around the gap begins to shrink. This can cause a change in the shape of the face and other issues. Dental implants help to prevent facial distortion and further tooth loss, as well as restoring the patient’s confidence, smile and ability to chew.

A relatively pain-free
treatment process

The treatment process is relatively pain-free and straightforward, and patients have the option to be sedated under a local anaesthetic. Following a small surgical procedure, the dental implant which is made from titanium – one of the strongest materials in the world – is skilfully screwed into the jawbone by Dr Jones. The implant stimulates and maintains the bone around it, providing a strong and stable foundation for the patient’s abutment and new dental crown.

500 implants placed a year

Dr Nigel Jones plans, places and restores 500 Implants a year with an extremely high success rate – this is more than double some of his competitors.


Almost half of Dr Nigel Jones’ dental career has been spent working in dental implantology.


Dr Nigel Jones works with more than 40 referring dentists across South Wales to provide simple and complex dental implant treatment for their patients.


Below are some of the dental implant treatment options that Dr Jones can provide, from single implants to implant fixed bridges, arches and dentures.

Single dental implant

A single dental implant looks, feels and functions like a real tooth. It can last a lifetime if looked after properly. The titanium implant stimulates, maintains and integrates with the bone around it, effectively replacing the missing root. This provides a solid foundation for the porcelain crown. Another advantage of a dental implant is that unlike a bridge, the two healthy teeth either side of it do not need to be drilled down.

Multiple dental implants

Replacing missing teeth with multiple dental implants is a similar process to single dental implant treatment. Fewer implants are required and you do not necessarily require an implant to replace each tooth. If you lose three teeth, which are all next to each other, these can potentially be replaced using just two implants to fix a bridge.

Dental implant fixed bridge

A dental implant fixed bridge is the perfect treatment for people who have lost all or multiple teeth. The dental implant fixed bridge is fitted onto implants, which provides an ultra-strong foundation, giving the patient a new set of functional and aesthetically pleasing teeth.

Full dental implants

Unlike traditional dentures, full mouth dental implants or a full arch implant bridge are permanent and securely fixed onto four to 8 strong titanium implant posts. Fixed into the jawbone, the implants integrate with the patient’s body tissue like natural teeth, improving their quality of life.

Consultation from just £95

Initial consultation for dental implant treatment includes a CT scan. Learn more about the various dental treatments on offer and the associated costs at Premium Dental Implants. See full cost guide here.

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