Leaving the rugby field with less teeth and a horrific injury

“Having played rugby for Pontypool, Wales and the British and Irish Lions in the 70s and 80s my teeth took a bit of a battering. Leaving the field with less teeth than you started with in those days was a regular occurrence. One of the worst injuries I suffered was breaking my jaw playing for Wales against Australia in 1978. The year before, Aberavon scrum half Clive Shell lost two stone after breaking his jaw, so I was concerned I’d lose weight, which for a prop would have been a disaster. For six weeks, I had to eat all my food, three, three-course meals a day, liquidised through a gap in my teeth.”

Dentures and gum pain

“I had multiple teeth missing following my playing career and had dentures for years. As well as the inconvenience of the way you had to clean them, it limited me in the sort of foods I could eat and I also had quite a bit of gum pain as well.”

A straight forward treatment process

“I didn’t know what dental implants were until I met Nigel. He said to pop into see him at Premium Dental Implants. I knew Nigel was very high up in dental implant surgery so I had peace of mind I was in safe hands. He explained everything to me in a simple and straight forward manner and it was such an easy process from my point of view.”

“It’s just like having real teeth!”

“I’m really grateful for Nigel’s generosity. It’s made such a difference to my life. I don’t have to take my dentures out to clean them anymore, it’s just like having real teeth. I can also eat what I like basically, carrots, apples, toffees and I don’t get the gum pain I got previously.”

Experience of treating professional sport stars

“I know Nigel has treated other international professional sportsmen and women at Swansea City, Ospreys and Becky James so I knew I was in good hands. I had total confidence in him. He’s at the top of his profession and it’s transformed my life really. There are plenty of sportsmen and women that have had a similar battering to me and I’d recommend Nigel to them.”

Latest case studies

Nigel Smith

Single implant

“It’s worth it for the confidence alone. Now I can pronounce my words properly, I can eat anything, I can smile without worry, my breath is fresher. It’s brilliant.”

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Becky James

Double Olympic silver medallist

“I’d recommend Nigel to anybody I know. He’s been fantastic over the years for me and he’s really looked after my teeth and I have no problems now so I’d recommend him to anyone.”

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Robert Westall

Single implant

“Having a dental implant has transformed my confidence and my entire outlook. I now speak and sing more clearly and I feel far happier.”

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