24th April 2015

Dr Nigel Jones’ insight into a typical week as an implantologist, mentor and teacher.

This week I have been teaching on the Implant Diploma course in London, filming the surgical procedure of placing implants for a leading implant company, and I am also flying to Hamburg to speak at an international conference as well. There is so much preparation that goes into teaching and I think we did over two hours of filming for just five minutes of talking the other day!

The aim of the video is to help others learn how to place dental implants. Implantology is a relatively new field in cosmetic dentistry, and it’s a dynamic field which is rapidly changing. Teaching is one way I make sure I keep up to date with it. I completed several years of Postgraduate study on implantology and I now teach on the course and mentor dentists who are learning how to perform dental implant surgery. Most dentists wouldn’t learn about dental implants at university; it’s only through these Postgrad courses that they can gain experience in this field.

Experience is the best teacher of all, and my patients can be confident that I will give them the best care because I’ve been performing dental implant surgery for over ten years. They can rest assured that I’ll be able to sort out any problems they may have with their implants. I fit around 300 a year, and my surgery is the biggest user of dental implants in South Wales.

Here are two of my training videos:

Case one

Case two

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